La caisse enregistreuse Hangers Pro

Disponible depuis l’Appstore, découvrez la caisse enregistreuse sur iPad la plus simple d’utilisation


Ticket Creation

Tickets correspond to orders between you and your customer. Save time with our simplified and flexible process to create a ticket. Making an order is just a few touches away.

  1. Instruct basic information about your customer to learn about him. Is he a recurrent customer? then find it and your customer base. Tips : you can use the voice search feature for this.
  2. Select offers for your customers by touching the screen. We learn from their habit and will display offers accordingly to speed up this process.
  3. Either associate the hanger to the coupon ID or have the coupons being printed automatically thanks to our printer.
  4. Schedule a ready-by date knowing your workload.

The ticket is ready

The ticket lifecycle

Follow your workload with your fingertips

  • - Find your tickets with a touch of your finder to follow up the operation in progress.
  • - When the order is ready, the customer gets a text message to let him know he can pick-up his belongings.
  • - Payment is made simple and fast.
  • - Once payment is made, you can proceed with the pickup and the ticket is then automatically completed.

Modify your settings

You can modify your payment and printer settings directly from your personal space.

Likewise, follow your sales and customers stats directly from the app.

If you need help, quickly find support with our life chat and call directly our hotline. It’s a free number.

More than 100 new features

Find out a few of below :

Payments or Orders

Cash desk software

Fasten the payment experience, thanks integrated payment solutions available within Hangers

Purchase order

Create your tickets with your iPad in a couple clicks

Edit your invoices

Print a ticket or an invoice by connecting your printer to your device

Multi-mode payments

Accept straight payment or several installments online or at the counter for your customers, as well as end of month billing for B2B customers. Setup at will to activate the various payment methods we offer

Send text messages

Your customer are informed in real time with text messages about the availability of their belongings

Your business settings

Customized Hangers Pro for your needs

Remote Printing

Print remotely anywhere: the invoice to the customer at the counter, the balance sheets in backroom...

Inventory management

Track your inventory to follow up on overdue customers and make sure you don't forget about rush orders

Coupon printings

No need to buy stubs with our cloakroom printer

Professional programmable billing

Don't worry about the end of the month with the invoicing of your professional customers' purchase orders, automate it!

Menus and formulas

Lunch formulas, menus, supplements or a la carte

Automatic discounts and user groups

For preferred customers, partner organizations or personalized discounts


Manage your business

Follow your business activity live thanks to our detailed stats.

Know your daily load

Own up to your ready-by date promise thanks to our prescription tools that gives you the right visibility on your workloads you get a new order.

Increase Productivity

Thanks to its intelligence, Hangers Pro saves you time by displaying first you the offers you are most likely to select

Conforming to the latest regulation

Follow your sales and reduce your accounting effort.

Security and Accessibility

Export Data

Export your data the thanks to Hangers and reuse them at will.

Updates included

Take advantage of our software updates for free.

Touch Screen Cash Register

Hangers-Pro is cash register app for your iPad. We choose to work Apple to provide the guaranty your business has the most robust hardware in the market.

HTTPS Secure Connection

All transactions are encrypted and securely handled. In particular, between your iPad and our server we resort to TLS/SSL for additional security.

Security and confidentiality of your data

Your data are saved and archived locally and remotely in France for you to be able to recover them. You remain the sole owner of your data.

Designed and developed in Paris

Hangers has dedicated resources within its development team, to provide with the proper technical support and answer in the shortest delay.


Our expert advisors are always at your service.

The promise of a reply within 24 hours.

Caisse Hangers Pro v2 : Certifiée NF525
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