La solution métier 360° pour Artisans et Commerçants

La solution métier 360° pour Artisans et Commerçants

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Caisse Hangers Pro v2 : Certifiée NF525
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Are you a local craftsman or responsible for an inventory of valuable goods for a varied clientele?

Dry cleaners gestion and bakeries outil boulangerie textile care and food shops, simplify logiciel boulangerie the management of your businesses solution boulangerie

Hangers is the solution for your craft
to save you time and money

With its intuitive design, Hangers offers an interface ready to hand. Fast and reliable, the pick-up to drop off workflow is leaned for an enhanced experience. This is the best value for price.

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Make your life simple while gaining in productivity

Easy to setup. Easy to use.

Free of charge, we setup you services and pricing. We have designed our solution to be as Intuitive as possible, with the goal in mind that you or your staff can operational right on. Open the app and start using it. Need support ? An advisor will come help you and this free of charge.

Increase you revenue without breaking the bank.

Time is Money. And Hangers Pro will win you with its speed, and its subscription formula very cheap and without commitment.

Improve satisfaction to increase your basis of loyal customers.

Our statistical tools provide you with a 360° outlook on your sales and inventory to help you taking the right decision while giving your customers a ready-by date. Your customers can be warned if are late. Satisfied Customers become repeating customers, and they will positively share they experience to their audience, a pool of potential future customers.

Reliable, with the peace of mind of support of experts. No hidden cost !

Need support ? During the initial setup or at any other time, our advisors are here to support you and will come to your site if necessary, and this is again free of charge. A special request ? Share it with us. We might work it out in our next free update.

Caisse Hangers Pro v2 : Certifiée NF525

Ce produit est conforme aux exigences de la marque NF Logiciel Gestion de l'Encaissement. Ce produit est certifié par :

AFNOR Certification
11, rue Francis de Pressensé

Le référentiel de certification peut être obtenu auprès d'INFOCERT.

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