Our mission

Tech to serve Craft is our moto, so that technology becomes a facilitator rather than a constraint.

Hangers first principle is “caring”, we give great value of the passion craftsmen put into their work to serve their neighborhood. We put our passion of technologies in motion for them to provide the best service.

And dry cleaning is a French story, because it is Jean-Baptiste Jolly, which is applying a mixture of turpentine and alcohol on a dress and finds that the mixture cleans instead of stain. As a result of this discovery, in 1855, he opened the first cleaning plant dry in Paris.

Our mission : put technology at the service of crafts to free up time spent on non core task. As we enhance our partners’ experience, we wish galvanize the local shops that brings life to our neighborhoods.

We acknowledge the market is filled with costly softwares, which break down too often and produce frustration. Thus, we are thriving to offer you a solution using the most advanced technologies while keeping the price affordable.

We approach our partner humbly and benevolently with the hope to learn from the expertise they have of their trade. Our aim is not to only answer their tech questions, but to incorporate their knowledge to remove friction in their work that prevent them from focusing on the core of their craft.

With Hangers you can focus on core job and leave the rest of the tasks to us. We want your customers and yourself to profit from your energy being more dedicated to your craft.

From Paris with Love

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